I’ve created this site because I know a lot of filmmakers need music for their films, and most stuff out there is copyright. Everything here is royalty free. All I ask is that you reference me or the other artists on this site in the credits of your film (hence the creative commons licenses).

Some of the stuff I upload might be wacky, experimental and rough – but some you might actually like, and if you do you’re welcome to download a track, remix it or cut it up – it’s all up to you. I’ll generally have an original copy of any new 4-track recordings so contact me and I can send them your way.

I’ve also recently set up a section on my site with music by other artists, because variety is the spice of life and not everyone wants female vocals and a tonne of guitar picking in their film! If you’re a musician or composer, get involved and send your tracks my way!

Happy filmmaking!

Rosie Catalano